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Singular Selections is the result of over 30 years of passion and dedication to the pursuit of excellence within the world of wine and food. In the coming months, I will use this space to share news and notes from Singular Selections' range of artisan wineries and update the arrival of new wines and new vintages to the U.S. market. As an ardent traveler and student of the culinary arts, I will also share with you some of my travels, extraordinary dining experiences and introduce you to destinations and exceptional personalities who exemplify "singular" quality and the pursuit of excellence within the culture of the table. I will logically focus on my tri-annual visits to Italy but also bring you stories of amazing places, people and restaurants throughout the U.S. and abroad. I encourage you to reach out and engage a dialog with me.

Our Mission

Singular Selection's mission is to bring to the U.S. market, limited production, artisan, estates that are quality benchmarks of their respective regions. Singular Selections represents only small, family owned, estate-grown wines that express and personify their grape varietal type in its purest form and exemplify the truest characteristics of their terroir. Singular Selections wines follow time honored, traditional vinification techniques and are comprised solely of grape varities that are native to their respective regions. All Singular Selectionís wines are naturally produced with no manipulation, additives or adulterants of any kind used once the grapes are harvested.

Singular Selection's philosophy is one of stewardship, culture and passion:

The vines from the great vineyards of the world will be producing fruit long after we are gone. The winery's work is one of stewardship, ensuring that every vintage results in the very best wine possible. Our task is to appreciate and learn the culture of the vineyard and its product and passionately apply that knowledge by passing it on to the market and the next generation of wine enthusiasts with integrity and care.


New Portfolio Arrivals - September 2019


Over the past 18 months, I have added a number of exciting, limited production, mostly biodynamic wineries to the Singular Selections portfolio.

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