Montelguardia, Randazzo, Catania

The Destro Estate is located amidst one of the most historic viticultural zones of Sicily, at Montelaguardia, a small hamlet situated at around 750 metres above sea level atop ancient volcanic soil on the north face of Mount Etna. With origins dating back to 1897, the current day Destro estate spans 8 hectares in the middle of the Etna DOC. It was in shambles, 13 years ago, when the Destro family purchased the property and painstakingly replanted the entire vineyard. Producing a small amount of organic, terroir driven, stylistically, traditional wines, Destro's Etna Rosso is a quintessential expression of the volcanic flavors and terroir Mt. Etna.

Etna Rosso "Sciarake" 2010

A pure, classic expression of Nerello Mascalese, this wine is grown on an area in the vineyard comprised almost entirely of volcanic rock. The vines must work incredibly hard to root through the rock and some die in the process. The surviving vines at Destro produce an incredibly classic wine. Full bodied and very complex, the Destro Etna Rosso combines elegance and rusticity with its ashy, earthy, tannic notes.

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Etna Rosso "Sciarake" 2010

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