Gaglio Vignaioli
Oliveri, Messina

Gaglio Vignaioli, now owned and run by the passionate Flora Mondello, is a small, historic, family owned winery located on over 300 hectares of land that has been producing wine since the early 1900s, on the northeastern shore of Sicily. Primarily planted to citrus groves and peach orchards, there are 5 hectares of olive trees and 18 hectares of meticulously maintained, organic and biodynamic, Nero d'Avola vines across a the range of Gaglio’s wines.

Mamertino “Don Tindaro” 2014

Gaglio's Mamertino, the estate's flagship wine, is 100% Nero d'Avola. A princely bred, full-bodied, dark, rich, robust wine with lively notes of dark chocolate, violet and pepper. Lush and silky with impressive, grip on the palate, Gaglio's, Mamertino “Don Tindaro” is an elegant, quintessential expression of this august, tiny, Sicilian DOC.

Total production: 350 cases

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Mamertino “Don Tindaro” 2014

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