Gianni Doglia
Castagnole Lanze, Piemonte

The young, passionate, Gianni Doglia, along with his sister Paola own five hectares of vineyards with 20-year-old vines near the village of Castagnole Lanze in the heart of the Asti district of Piemonte. The Doglia Moscato is uniquely held under pressure in tanks, as grape must and then finished and bottled to order, ensuring the absolute, freshest possible expression of Moscato d'Asti throughout the vintage. Within a category that is normally dedicated to large, commercial, volume production, Doglia's estate grown vineyards produce a miniscule, quantity of 3500 cases of artisan made Moscato d'Asti, whose quality is unmatched in the Moscato category.

Moscato d'Asti 2017

Produced from an ultra- soft pressing of the white Muscat grape, this stylishly elegant wine blends the slightly "frizzante" sweetness of Moscato d'Asti with vibrant, concentrated, tropical fruit flavors, great complexity, refreshing, crisp acidity and a pristinely fresh, clean finish. The amazing, aromatics in the bouquet express a stunning, floral perfume with aromas and crisp, lush flavors of white peach, lychee, melon, orange peel and honey.

Total production: 3500 cases

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Moscato d'Asti 2017

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