Pojer e Sandri
Faedo, Trentino

Perched on the steep Eastern side of the canyon-like valley of the Adige river in the Trento region, Pojer e Sandri is one of the most remarkable wineries of the Trento region and all of Italy.

Pojer e Sandri dates to 1975, when young Fiorentino Sandri inherited a parcel of vineyards at the alpine village of Faedo, Trentino and formed a partnership with with his friend, Mario Pojer, who had just received his diploma from San Michele Agricjultural Istitute.

Today, Pojer e Sandri are internationally respected, as an innovative, trend-setting winery with every aspect of viticulture and wine making in perpetual search for new ideas to improve quality. In order to preserve aromatic characteristics (aromas and natural antioxidants) the grapes are worked in "iperriduction" (no oxygen.) a proprietary technique using methodologies developed by Pojer e Sandri, which includes washing grape bunches before pressing in a nitrogen-saturated, oxygen free environment before fermentation using natural yeasts selected before harvest.

Pojer e Sandri produces a broad spectrum of wines, distillates, vinegars. Their white wines benefit greatly from the striking, diurnal, contrast between day and night time temperatures and the influence of wind coming from near by Lake Garda. This results in the strong development of aromas, richness and concentration, making Faedo an ideal location for the production of white wines and cool, weather reds.

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Muller Thurgau "Palai" 2016

Pinot Noir 2015

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