Azienda Agricola Orto Di Venezia
Venezia, Veneto


Grown on the island of Sant’Erasmo, Orto di Venezia is a striking, mineral rich, white wine that tells a story of uniqueness, as the only wine cultivated within the territorial boundaries of Venice. For centuries, the island of San Erasmo has been renowned for the quality of its agricultural products, which supply the market of Venice. In the 16th century, during the golden age of Venice, the island was covered with vineyards….. then in the 17th century, the wine business ceased to exist.

Michel Thoulouze’s journey starts in France, after having founded several, television stations. In 2000, he bought a villa in Sant’Erasmo and its 11 hectares of land, of which 4.5 are now planted as vineyards. Michel and his family decided to relaunch wine production on the island using the traditional methods of local farmers, expertise from friends Lydia and Claude Bourguignon, the renowned, French, soil microbiologists of Romanee Conti in Burgundy and the legendary, Alain Graillot whose Crozes Ermitage wines have a worldwide reputation. To revive the flavor of past, pre-phylloxera wines, the vines were not grafted on to American, phylloxera resistant rootstock but instead, planted directly in the soil.

Tasting Notes:

Orto di Venezia is produced from a blend of Malvasia Istriana supported by Fiano and Vermentino. It is characterized by multi-faceted, mineral notes, rich terroir and beautiful freshness on the palate. Straw-yellow in color, on the nose Orto di Venezia is reminiscent of ripe, golden apples and honeysuckle. Bold with an initial attack of juicy, citrus and orchard fruit, it displays a rich texture followed by honeyed notes, hints of tropical fruit and orange blossom, great structure and a salty tone, finishing with a long, savory finish. Orto di Venezia is a white wine with a high, mineral content that concentrate and exalt the flavors of the territory and the richness of the terroir.

Total production: 1200 cases

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Orto Di Venezia

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