Azienda Agricola Antico Borgo di Sugame
Greve in Chianti, Toscana

Perched on a hilltop over 500 meters above sea level, the stunningly beautiful, perfectly, south west exposed, single vineyard of the Antico Borgo di Sugame overlooks the Greve Valley and its expansive vineyards, olive groves, blue skies and awe inspiring sunsets. Borgo di Sugame dates back to about 1200 AD, as an inhabited location. The meaning of the name Sugame is unknown but it is shared with the adjacent pass over the hills between the Val di Greve and the upper Val d'Arno.

The perfectly manicured Sugame vineyard totals nearly five hectares and is comprised, mainly of sandy-lime soil with a small percentage of clay. There are also 2 hectares of olive trees and an additional 28 hectares of woodland. Vines in the Sugame vineyard average 28 years of age with some newer plantings now 10-12 years old. Below the main vineyard are very old vines that were planted and are cultivated in the old, traditional style.

All wines produced at Sugame are certified organic and follow traditional viticulture and vinification practices of the Chianti Classico. The Sugame wines are fermented in stainless steel tanks and aged in traditional, Slavonian casks, along with some used, 500 liter, tonneau barrels. Sugame wines are not manipulated in any way with no additives or intervention of any kind added once the grapes arrive in the cellar. All Chiantis produced at Borgo Sugame are 100% Sangiovese.

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